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trip 14


Destination: Haiti - 14

Date: 12 September 2013

Trip 14

Tuesday 10th September

Goodbye Guernsey - hello Miami - eventful day as just as I checked into Heathrow ALL the computers went down - I swear it wasnt my 200lbs of stuff that blew the fuse - honest guv! Apparently it was global with BA. It caused chaos - however as I was at the front of the queue I was first to be processed 2 hours later - flight took off ok and I am sitting in Miami as I type - half empty plane and 4 seats to lie down... bingo!

Note to self – schools back – half empty plane……

Wednesday 11th September

Up at 4pm and caught the 5pm bus from the airport – this might seem horrendous however as I went to bed at 9pm I managed a good sleep and the added bonus is that the airport was EMPTY this morning – bliss – wizzed through check in with a lovely Haitian lady and then security NOBODY there – def worth remembering for next time. The bags going straight through from Heathrow is so much easier.

Well of course I spoke too soon as the bags did not arrive in Port au Prince – instead they were missing without trace and were not on the system as being anyway! Oh crap.  Deep breath – Christian met and at first thought I was kidding when I did not have them – he thought the trolley full in front of me were mine! Still no point in dwelling when there is nothing I can do  so we wait and in the meantime lots to do.

First meeting is with Bruno a friend of Christian and Fito’s – I first met him after the earthquake – he is helping me to find out about bringing in a container from Guernsey – he was really helpful.  Next we went to Onels so I could give him the sheets from Ella Mauger from her students at La Mare de Carteret school. Next we went to meet Val as I needed to have a few questions answered – he didn’t manage to answer them in any way that made me feel any better – but at least now I can move on and know there is nothing left I can do that is of any benefit – I have done everything possible and now need to carry on with my other projects and just hope the children’s welfare will be at the heart of whatever happens to them and their future.  Not everything in life is straightforward and this was one of those times.

Next stop was lunch and then a visit to a great music shop.  The owner is apparently a famous musician/writer here in Haiti – we asked to meet him and Patrik the manager told us that he would be in Haiti next week.  We had a good look at what instruments were there but need to also shop around and see what else we can find too.  Patrik was fascinating to talk with and in fact knows the area as he comes from Jeremie in the south – beyond the mountains of Duchity.

Next stop was the airport to see if my bags had arrived – I managed to sneak Christian passed the security guard and as we waited by the heaving carousel there was a touch on my arm – one of the officials came to pull me away from the crowd – here we go – he wants money – but no he recognised me from the morning and was taking me to where my 3 beautiful bags were sitting – the other flight in chaos was the one from Canada!  I would never have known and we would have been there for ages!

The customs man also recognised me and allowed us to go straight through as well…perfect – I am SO happy – what a wonderful sight – my 200lbs of stuff all arrived!

Homewards but we stopped for a well earned drink on the way and again had one of our fascinating conversations that we generally do have – so fun and so informative too.  I have had some difficult times over the last 5 months dealing with various issues in Haiti and one of the only reasons I can still come here and work is that I have so much faith in Christian.  He keeps it real and straightforward too.

Home to a house full and I got to give C his late birthday pressy of a ‘boom box’ to play with for his music system – he loved it – so pleased – also the teeshirts I had printed at IPS went down very well – I would go as far as saying he was thrilled with them.

Thursday 12th September

LG came to thank me for the shirts I had bought him – he is a very sweet guy – just going to see the baby in a minute too.  C showed him the boom box and the 2 of them were like little excitable kids – hilarious.  Went to see the baby and his g/f at their house – so sweet – both babe and g/f  too.  Gave her the clothes I had chosen for her.

Bought 2 sacks of soap powder and 2 boxes of bars of soap, took LG  with us and headed for the Severine’s to give her the soap – as it turned out it was timely as she had had some expenses that meant she had to pay some debts and was unable to replenish her stock – the smile that spotting the sacks of soap produced was indescribable.  The children get so excited when I arrive as they know I always come armed with a bag full of goodies from Nicky.  She rules them firmly but fairly so there is no nonsense – well nearly none! Their manners are so good and when I complimented her on that it gave her the opportunity to tell her story – it was fascinating – she got pregnant at 16 and her mother said she couldn’t get rid of the baby – so they supported her – she then got together with the father of the baby – now husband – she was determined to make it work as a family unit as she was from a broken home and her step father beat her – she didn’t want that. Her family wanted her to get rid of him – she wanted to hang onto him – they had more children and then he got very sick and contracted TB  - the family again wanted her to dump him – she didn’t – he almost died but she stuck with him literally almost to his death bed – it took 8 months for him to recover – recover he has and her motivation is to keep her family together and as healthy as possible.

What a woman – while she was relating this story to Christian – I watched and saw this fine woman telling her story – telling how she was very attractive before the babies ‘spoilt’ her body – she was pushing away potential suitors who were around while her husband was so sick – she was having none of it.  She became animated and told her story with great passion – what a different side she showed – afterwards I said to Christian that she maybe has never had the opportunity to tell that story – she is the mum and provider and most likely never has the opportunity to speak to anyone who would be interested.  She had 100% of C’s attention and afterwards he told me – I thought I knew her ……she is a fantastic soul who is very proud of her children – I have more and more respect for her each time I meet her.

Next we went to the school to see how Mario is getting on with the water tower – Gibson is helping too.  We discussed his plans for a business – I said I would think about it and let him know what we think.

We also discussed the planned pipe work to provide a tap in the kitchen for the cooks and another for the toilet.

Back to Carrefour and visit to Einstein to choose some lovely bowls for my Christmas trade back at home.  He was looking and acting better than I have seen him for a while.

Home so I can do my papaerwork and then we are heading to a  club where Christian has done a deal doing a DJ night there twice a month.  This is using the speakers we have sponsored him making so he and LG can make a business out of speaker rental and DJ nights too.  It will be good to see this new venue which we are hoping with be good for him.  I have already seen the speakers in action at The Little Hearts School – very impressive they are too!

So its Thursday - we have been working all day and Christian says – I’m going to take you to the club where Authentic are playing twice a month - I have heard so much about the place - we also need to eat - so I anticipate staying maybe for a couple of hours - we got home at 1.45am! there was an amazing Jazz band playing - beautiful beautiful trad jazz mixed with melodic and upbeat Kreyol numbers - what a totally unexpected treat! The place was filled with Haitians and one girl from the crowd joined in to sing a couple of numbers. The venue from Christian and LG's point of view is spot on and I am so pleased they have this chance to showcase themselves. I have posted here a couple of pics of the graffiti on the walls - a little gem of a place.

Sat 14th September

First stop to buy instruments for the Duchity community – last night Christian Charly and I had a discussion as to how and where best to ‘deliver’ the instruments to be sure they will be cared for and indeed used by the children. The answer comes by way of the Headteacher of one of the schools there and the Catholic Pastor who has no political leanings and seems to be respected by all.  Sounds like a plan to me so Charly will set up the meeting for us for Wed/Thursday this week.  We went back to the wholesaler we were looking in 2 days ago and purchased 2 trumpets 1 clarinet 4 tambourines, 1 large cymbals set – I front lg drum, one shoulder worn snare drum set, 3 guitars, I violin, 2 sets of Conga drums and the relevant sticks for the drum sets.

The total bill was a little over £2,600 pounds and we have quite a car full!  The lady doing the accounts was – as Christian told me the owner – but she wasn’t admitting to it – she has such a sour face on her and did NOT want to speak with me – music cannot be in her soul and that’s a fact!...

I was waiting for my credit card to bounce but the Bank system of letting them know where I am before I travel has worked! Phew.


With the boot loaded almost to capacity we set off for MSC to buy tools for the 2 oldest Severine boys who are apprentices at a window firm.  They are training but cannot ‘pass out’ until they have some basic tools – I had taken a pic of the list needed without them realising why.  I figure that if we can get those boys earning and bringing more money into the household it will benefit the whole family enormously and give them a purpose too.  We have already decided to try them out as labourers to work with LG on the pipe work at Yphemise’s school.  I bought one set, which included a generator for just under £400.  I will see what happens and then may decide to buy another set as well.

Next we called to Onels but he wasn’t anywhere nearby so came home and unloaded our stash of goodies! So exciting.  


Focus is sometimes hard to keep - distractions are so many - Focus is so important to keep and there is nothing like seeing life in the raw to focus your mind. Think for a moment.... of having no electricity, think of having to walk with buckets to collect water and then carry that water back home on your head, think of having no toilet, think of not knowing where your next meal will come from, think of not knowing if you are safe in your bed, think of knowing you may never find work, think of wondering what blow life will deal you next, think of hunger - raw hunger...think... just think while you live your life. 

 Sunday 15th


To surprise someone is lovely - to really surprise someone is even better! Today we would put some music into a few children's lives! very exciting.


We had asked Onel to gather a few children together for us for this special surprise.  We took him a set of Conga drums and a guitar. I got so much pleasure from seeing the looks of the faces of the kids and then watching them instantly start to play it was beautiful!  There were a couple who could play and the security guy  who could really play! amazing



We also went to visit Simeon  - he is the boy from The Little Hearts School that we found working the street on my last trip and we found a safe house for him - I wanted to see if he was settling into the home we found for him and to satisfy myself that he is ok and fitting in with the others. Pastor Astrel Vincent´╗┐ was there to meet us and we had a good talk with him about just how difficult things are in terms of feeding and schooling  the kids. On the way there we had stopped at the supermarket and bought him some supplies - dried milk, peanut butter, biscuits, cake, fruit juice, spagetti, toothpaste and soap.  The children we so excited as they were just about to eat - but we unloaded the car first.  They piled it all up on a table and then the kids ate what had already been prepared for them. Someone had delivered rice and beans the day before! We also bought 4 footballs and 2 pumps.

After they had eaten we gave Simeon one of the guitars - his face was a picture - however I made him promise that he would look after it and if he was naughty he would not be allowed to play it, and he must let the other kids share it too.

Next we drove up the mountain to Laboule to see Fito Natalie and little Nico – what a lovely time – I love these 3 – poor Fito was suffering from a little over indulgence last night at a friends birthday party – we didn’t let him forget it! Nico is a little sweet pea and after his initial shyness became very animated and launching himself from me to Fito with great gusto.  A cheeky little fella with a lovely spirit.  Home late and tired but happy – good day today!



Stopped by in Carrefour as LG was Dj’ing and needed a few adjustments made to the speakers – the sound was loud enough to make the car seat in the jeep a massage chair!



Monday 16th September


Up early as LG has  a date with the radio this pm – he is being interviewed about his Dj’ing!


LG Christian and I went to Leogane to see the Severine family and give Mamie Marline some more clothing as she has sold so much and the 2 oldest boys the tools.

Sindia is 21 and she was folding up a paper pattern she had made – I was impressed as she showed me the skirt all cut out and hand stitched. We had a fun time while LG and Christian did the ‘boys and their toys bit’ all crowed around to see what was occurring – Mamie showed me what she had left to sell – it was impressive – the soap too is selling well and 2 customers arrived while we were there.

Soon we left with the 2 big ones for work we had decided to try them out working with us as labourers at Yphemise’s – the boys started to dig the channel for the water pipe and we unwrapped the drum and guitar – Iverson was there and a little shy for a change – but as soon as the drums were out of the box he bucked up!

Had some fun as the English teacher plays and he came and played while Iverson sang a little tune for us. Christian and I had to do some shopping so we left work to continue and went to the hardware to buy the pipe and all the connectors and taps needed.

We strapped the pipes onto the roof and set off back to the school.

We came home sharpish after we left the eldest boy Josue working and took the younger one Jonas back home – LG said the older one worked very well but the younger one did not seem interested – fair enough we don’t know till we try – he is 14!

Lg has a date with the radio – both him and Churchill are to be interviewed by a famous DJ here in Haiti.

I was so tired and hot and felt really drained so after a quick meal with the family went to bed/worked – slept and then worked a little.

Woke at 3am bright as a button!


Tuesday 18th September

Fessart today – we drove to HC to collect Heather – she and I have been talking for most of the year and she made her first trip to Haiti a couple of months ago after setting up Be the Hope – Haiti with the express aim of giving children backpacks for school.  She arrived a couple of weeks ago loaded down with the donations she had gathered and has been doing work out of HC.

First stop after we knew we had space was to get Oreos and a drink for all the kids and then we pressed on up to the mountain.  The track across the riverbed was good today – sometimes it is a challenge if the water had displaced the stones!

After we arrived up the mountain – we realised we did not get the plates and spoons we were asked to get! Ao Christian left us and shot off back down to get them.

All the kids were waiting inside the tent, which was in a terrible condition – with bulging areas full of water and massive holes ripped in the roof and sides too.  Josue arrived and we started the distribution with what seemed like amazing efficiency however it soon transpired that he had not actually been ticking them OFF the list so at the end when we had several left over we did not know if they were absent or missed out. So a recheck was carried out – all ok in the end PHEW!

Next we got all the littlest children and gave them either a dress of pants and socks.

And finally a drink and pack of Oreos for each child and there were enough for the kids that had not registered but had come in the hope of something!

Distribution done we said our goodbyes and set off down the mountain to deliver Heather back to HC. A good day and hopefully a very positive one for Heather and her generous donors too.


Wednesday 18th September

a 2 day trip that turned into an adventure....... day 1 we set off and and 2 hours into the drive we get a flat - I am not feeling great as I had a bad tummy in the night, so sit in the shade with my temp rising - Christian has help from several locals who run the tyre along the road to be mended. I hour later we are on the road - I am feeling bad by now.  The AC in the car helps and slowly I feel better – we pass by where there is purported to be riots – only to find that there are many UN and Police around but no sign of any trouble. We drive to Camp Perrin where we are to stay the night - the drive is beautiful through sea -side roads and mountain passes.  Arriving at the hotel is heaven as by now I am hungry and then need sleep.



Thursday 19th

Sleep  eventually comes and by morning I am feeling brilliant and ready for what lies ahead - I am actually very excited about this.

We set of by 9am and plough up into the mountains once more, up up higher and higher - we round a corner and see the road totally blocked by a mountain of earth! The road is being done and its dramatic - ouch we are put at the front of a queue strangely and wait and watch while the digger works pulling more earth scooping it up very expertly into a truck - the queue is building behind us and all the while there is no urgency......... the digger driver jumps down and brings me a bottle of ice cold water!  He is from the Dominican Republic and starts to chat to me while the other digger driver moves yet more soil.  Finally after an hour we are free to pass - maybe we will not be able to come back.......

We drive on – Duchity has market day so the main street is filled with people, we find the men we need to meet and gather all the relevant folk together and head for the church after a quick chat with the Priest and Headteacher who have been charged with overseeing this project to enable all to benefit. 


There is some concern in the community that as there are 2 opposing aspiring bands they will not be allowed to have access to what is there.  I explain that if they can be harmonious - and I used that word deliberately - then there would be more from the same place - but they had to work together.  Various people stood up and thank me profusely and most agreed that they would work together.

However one gentleman voiced his views and said it would never work - so I asked them all - those who don’t agree - stand up (that was Christian's idea as I was going to say all who agree stand. So guess what? no one stood up and when I asked him why he didnt stand up he huffed and said - well it wont work anyway! ha  well at that point everyone else laughed! So his credibility was shot – I told him everyone here has seen and heard everything that has been said – another man got to his feet and said he had no side to take but wanted to thank me and that they would see that it would work as it would benefit them all.


By now several people had spoken and both the leaders re-iterated that it was for the benefit of the whole community.

At that point Christian started to bring in the instruments – Adrian Tostevin, I wish you could have been there with me! It was one of life’s beautiful moments – the EXCITEMENT when the first instrument – the violin, was opened – they surged forward and all clapped and cheered it was magical…..each instrument that Christian opened evoked another round of clapping and cheering and the widest smiles I have seen for years!

Every instrument was gasped at – I told them – “get them out – play them” – with in seconds the first notes were played and with 5 mins the whole lot were out and in use – even the clarinet – what a sight to see – what an experience – what a sound! Christian’s face was an absolute picture, so I guess, was mine – I just know I could not stop smiling – what a total honour to be part of this special moment in time.

Some adults had dashed away and collect some older bashed pieces and the phrase ‘the band played on” was very apposite!  The 2 ‘opposing’ bands were playing all together – in harmony! Bootiful.

So thank you Guernsey and Brass2Haiti you did me PROUD!

We said our goodbyes and set off for home – 2pm we would be home by 7ish – maybe – the mountain movers were still at it but this time we only had to wait for 10 mins!

We dropped the Catholic Priest off in Aux Cayes and drove on – Christian has a friend who owns an Auberge on a lovely headland over looking sea on 2 sides and as we were hungry we decided to take a break. What a beautiful place – the owner was not there but the bar/restaurant area had been done up so nicely and is aim apparently is to get investors and build cabanas into the headland and offer things like tennis, boating, build a small marina etc – it would be a great spot for that.

I was told that the Chicken with raisins was very very good – to be honest it didn’t really appeal however I decided to give it a go – it was WELL worth the choice – delicious – really really good. So after food and a drink, Christian’s was frozen Prestige – literally, we set off again – going at a great pace and soon start to see the UN and Police again in large numbers – we drive behind a UN truck with Sri Lankan soldiers so I hold my Sri Lankan bag up for them to see – great amusement!


But laughing aside – suddenly we are flagged down by a sinister Policeman wearing black and a balaclava, they always look so aggressive and usually are!  Another gorilla approached the car and asked to see first Christian’s ID and then my passport – he took ages looking at my passport and couldn’t see the stamp where I had entered Haiti – I eventually found it (there are many to look through) and he looked again and then asked for the green card you are given on entry and have to give in on departure. As it is so easy to lose I leave it at the Laplanche house. He WANTED to see it!


He said that Christian must leave me with them and go and get it – we were 2 hours away from home! WELL there was no way I was going to stay with him while Christian left – so I quickly said – call home and get someone to bring in on a moto. As I was suggesting that we were told to get out of the car and go with him – my mind was racing – what could/should we do – he told us to go with him – we did and I made sure to make eye contact with him and smile –  it didn’t seem to do anything, he asked where was home and when Christian said Mariani  he suddenly he shoved the papers back at Christian and told  him ‘I know you are just doing your job - go on your way!’  Weird but who was arguing? Phew – sometimes they just love to throw the power around for no good reason.

On our way and we arrived home by 7.30pm so all in all not bad at all – who would think you could pack such a lot of excitement into 2 days! Perfect.


Friday 20th

Christian might have a music gig tonight and the speakers are already out at another venue –some need repair and LG comes with us into town to sort it all out – we drop him at the music shop as I plan to buy Marie a keyboard/guitar and Conga drums. Next to Onels where he has managed to gather some of the children for the sponsor’s gifts I have with me. There are 4 from the 8 I needed but there is also a very sad story and one that as I listen to it my stomach feels heavy.  It is one that somehow I think I have been dreading and almost anticipating hearing – my shock is still acute tho.  There are 2 little brothers that were very helpful when I had my male volunteers here 2 years ago and we all connected with a group of these children – these 2 could not afford to come to school but were always around – the story goes that mum was killed on the road and no one knows how/why and they now only have dad who collects scrap metal on one of those heavy wooden carts – a very very hard life.  We managed to get the 2 boys sponsored for school and now it seems the father has died.  He was taken sick and taken along with the boys to the countryside to a Hospital called Mirabalis – it is free and very good.  He died and the boys were ‘left’ there with a relative – at least that is the story we have so we need to confirm it.  If we have to go to find them I will!  I am devastated to hear this news as those little boys are now very vulnerable.

We gave the children their presents and Christian and Onel read out the cards to them some other kids had arrived too so we gave them the sweets that Yvonne had sent – marshmallow heaven!

Simeon’s mother had come with her 2 little ones  - I asked her about her business – she sells flannels – turns out they are made from towelling robes – they come in to Haiti in bales of 3 dozen robes and each robe can make 2 dozen flannels – each cut out and then edged on a machine.  She sells them for 2/3/4 haitian dollars – we told her that we would buy her a bale (3 dozen robes) and give her a head start – this at least would help her to pay for school stuff for the girls since Simeon is now being taken care of.

She will find out where to get the bale and we will go with her to get it.

Took Onel to the place where all his stationary for the school year is being printed – I had agreed to pay for it this time. 125usd in total plus chalk.

Next stop was to buy instruments for Marie.  We are also taking Heather with us to do her pencil case project.  Next we went to the Canon shop with Onel to see another photocopier – that was an experience in its self!  The door into the showroom made a noise like something  being tortured it was an assault on the ears – really and truly and after ¾’s of an hour in there and being subjected to 2 of the most miserable staff/owners I have ever met, we left – empty handed - it was a joke! Terrible service – even tho we are talking of spending 1,000 dollars! Their child was in there with them and they had made a cracking job of bringing her up with the same lack of humor/politeness too! Staggering.

Home so Christian and LG could go set up another gig. I worked and then went to bed – not for long as the mother of a storm started – I don’t remember the last time I heard thunder like it! It was as if it was in the house! So so loud – really made you jump with each clap – it rumbled over for an hour or so and then moved off but within 20 mins it was back with a vengence and THEN the rain started! RAIN like stair rods! 3 hours of rain and all I could think of was the poor folk in tents and shacks it must have been miserable miserable – couldn’t sleep at all – the only things happy were the tree frogs – they sang at the tops of their voices! Sleep came around 5am!


Saturday 21st September


Collected Heather from HC and then sat in terrible traffic up to Delmas – we had bought a boot full of food for the children so handed that over and Christian and LG took off to try and buy a water pump.  Meantime Heather and I did the dress distribution the girls all had 3 each and chose out their own – it’s a beauty of a smaller group like this as they can do that with no hassle AND these children have great manners and waited patiently for their turn – some could not choose and others had their eye on one or 2 they liked already – so sweet – they put them on and we took pictures for the seamstresses back home. 

Next we did the pencil cases, Heather had bought one of each child and a box of special coloured pens so they could decorate their own – they loved it and we had some fun taking pictures too.  Marie told Heather what her plans for the village are.  She told us that she had to pay the teachers before school starts and still owes them for last term – I explained that I couldn’t give funds for that type of thing and my advice to her was to get the bios done and try at least to get sponsorship for each child as a start and I would do what I could to help that happen.  I am happy to give funds for things like the food as one off’s and certain other things too.

We set to leave and say goodbyes and Christian reminded me we hadn’t given them the instruments! Oops!

So we got them out of the boot and the next hour was SUCH fun – assembled the drums and LG showed them how to drum! Singing and dancing started – what a brilliant spontaneous few minutes it was – bootiful the children were ALL joining in and singing at the tops of their voices and dancing too!  We all had a ball.


Time to leave and drop Heather back home and then home for us too as the boys have another gig tonight as well.  It’s a big one and they will need all the speakers working.


Sunday 22nd September 2013


We went to meet the uncle of the 2 boys who have just been rendered orphans - they are on our sponsor scheme and I want to see if they are ok - their mother died 18 months ago! Turns out they are in Hinche  with a cousin so we plan to go and try and find them. The uncle told us he took  his brother to the TB unit in Port au Prince but he felt they wernt doing anything to help him so he took all three of them over to the hospital in Mirablais where they told him that his brother had TB and Malaria and some other stuff wrong too, but it was too late.  The brother then did not have the money to bring the boys back to Cite Soleil and so left them with a cousin on the father’s side – he recognised that it was not good for them there – what ever that means – its wasn’t good it Cite Soleil so I dread to think what he means!  He lives in Cite Soleil with his G/F and struggles himself so is unable to take the boys in. 


Afterwards Christian and I spoke about it and agreed we would drive up to Hinche on Tuesday and try and find them so I can see for myself the situation they are in and then only then can I make an informed decision as to what to do.  I didn’t sleep last night thinking about them – I have to at least try and find them – Hinche is in the central plateau up in the mountains. 


Then we took Fito to surprise Elsie as she hasnt seen him for a year and has never seen Nico. That was fun! we all sat down to a meal with them as well - Elsie is a very good cook. It was also time to sort out the girls education - Soryiee's will be more this year and she was worried that she would not be able to go there - apparently she told Christian she had a nightmare last night and she was dreaming she would have to wear the old yucky uniform! she is very funny and makes us all laugh out loud - she delivers one liners with a stony face! Christian says she should be on the stage!
after goodbyes we went straight down to Leogane to go see Mario and the children and discuss his idea of a shop by the house. I am so pleased to see the Moringa seeds planted and the trees growing well in amongst the corn.

We discussed the options available to create a shop next to/or in the house – we came up with a great idea which will use the end room and enable the house to stay totally private so Mario’s girlfriend will be safe when she is there on her own.  He is going to give me a quote – he has all but the iron and cement there on site.

Vivaldi and Ketmal are growing tall and thin juts like their dad!  G/F is very heavily pregnant and due anytime soon.

Those little boys are haunting me! 


Tuesday 24th


Today we drove in to the mountains of the central plateau of Haiti to the other side of Hinche, to find 2 little boys who used to be at Little Hearts School in Cite Soleil - they lost their mum last year and dad has just died in August of TB and Malaria! So very sad - we met with the uncle Edmond, who told us he took the boys and their father - his brother - to Mirablais Hospital but he couldnt afford to bring them back with him to Cite Soleil after the dad had passed away, as he didnt have the fare or the means to support them when back anyway. He told us they are with his sister in Hinche - I just HAD to go and check if they were alright!


They are! I am so glad we went. We drove through beautiful mountains up and down and a passed lake with lush greenery all around. We crossed the Arbonite river famous sadly for carrying and starting the lethal Cholera outbreak of Oct 2010. We met the family and they showed us where they live.  Wes  has a horrid infection on his head so we took him to the local hospital as they could’nt afford the 5usd to take him!


I gave the auntie some money and said I would try and work something out to get sponsorship for them - but made no promises. They are dear little boys and were THRILLED with their gifts from their sponsor at Little Hearts.
It is so much better to be able to support these children within their family - so many children here in Haiti have parents and are in institutions, because of extreme poverty, and of course sometimes that is best for them but I am happy we can support these 2 true orphans at their aunts.

Monday 23rd


The jeep has serious issues with the radiator and it took all day to find a solution albeit temporary.  Just as things seemed to  get better Chrsitian got a call from LG to say the baby was sick and needed to go to Hospital quick. Christian got back late and I managed to speak to him and find out the baby was on oxygen as her breathing was not good.  They think there may be a chest infection and have done some bloods.  They took her to the General Hosp which is grim so I said I would pay for her to be in the one in Carrefour.  They will move her tomorrow all being well.



Tuesday 24th


Today we drove in to the mountains of the central plateau of Haiti to the other side of Hinche, to find 2 little boys who used to be at Little Hearts School in Cite Soleil - they lost their mum last year and dad has just died in August of TB and Malaria! So very sad - we met with the uncle Edmond, who told us he took the boys and their father - his brother - to Mirablais Hospital but he couldnt afford to bring them back with him to Cite Soleil after the dad had passed away, as he didnt have the fare or the means to support them when back anyway. He told us they are with his sister in Hinche - I just HAD to go and check if they were alright!


They are! I am so glad we went. We drove through beautiful mountains up and down and a passed lake with lush greenery all around. We crossed the Arbonite river famous sadly for carrying and starting the lethal Cholera outbreak of Oct 2010. We met the family and they showed us where they live.  Wes  has a horrid infection on his head so we took him to the local hospital as they could’nt afford the 5usd to take him!


I gave the auntie some money and said I would try and work something out to get sponsorship for them - but made no promises. They are dear little boys and were THRILLED with their gifts from their sponsor at Little Hearts.
It is so much better to be able to support these children within their family - so many children here in Haiti have parents and are in institutions, because of extreme poverty, and of course sometimes that is best for them but I am happy we can support these 2 true orphans at their aunts.  

We met with Onel after going to pay for the photocopier to give him the receipt so he can collect tomorrow.

On the way back we collected LG from the General and went to make arrangements at the other Hosp for them to move the baby later.  She is still on oxygen and waiting for test results to come back.

























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